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(Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography) 
Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) are a set of tests that measure the electrical activities of nerves and muscles. These tests can help diagnose diseases of the peripheral nervous system including peripheral neuropathy, nerve injuries, neuromuscular junction disorders, and disorders of the muscles.   This test is always done together with a neuromuscular consultation.
Neuromuscular Clinic
The Neuromuscular Clinic follows patients with complex neuromuscular disorders including autoimmune neuropathies and myopathies, myasthenia gravis, and genetic neuromuscular conditions. Patients are followed longitudinally, with both in person and virtual follow up visits.  Our nurse educator provides education and support to clinic patients.
Point of Care Neuromuscular Ultrasound Clinic 
Neuromuscular Ultrasound is complementary to the neuromuscular exam and EMG, adding direct sonographic visualisation of nerves and muscles in complex neuromuscular disorders. It can be used to diagnose entrapment neuropathies, nerve trauma, nerve inflammation, and certain muscle disorders. Ultrasound can also provide visual guidance for nerve injections in carpal tunnel syndrome, painful meralgia paresthetica, occipital neuralgia, and more.
BC Centre for Complex Nerve Injury
The B.C. Centre for Complex Nerve Injury provides a state of the art, multidisciplinary management approach to peripheral nerve injury and trauma. 
Our team based framework means  that patients  receive care from peripheral nerve surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, and electrodiagnostic technicians in a single visit.  We follow patients over the full cycle of care, until recovery.
Carpal Tunnel + Clinic
The Carpal Tunnel + Clinic  provides a coordinated, team based care pathway for management of common entrapment neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, meralgia paresthetica, and fibular neuropathy.  The goal is to provide rapid, full service care eliminating long wait times between each step. 
The pathway may include neurologic consultation, EMG, steroid  injection, splinting  or surgery.