Nerve injury Team


The clinic team is large and sometimes it can be overwhelming. You are encouraged to ask questions to make sure you understand all of the information. It is good to have a family member or friend accompany you to the appointment and take notes (2 sets of ears are better than 1).

1. Neurologist:  specialists in the central and peripheral nervous system.  They have completed a 5 year residency in Neurology after medical school, with further fellowship training in Neuromuscular disease and neurophysiology.  They have expertise in determining the type, severity and prognosis of the injury.

2. Physiatrist: specialists in rehabilitation and musculoskeletal health.  They have completed a 5 year residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation following medical school with advanced training in neurophysiology.  They are experts in assessing function, pain and discussing exercises before and afterpre and post surgery. 

3. Plastic surgeon (peripheral nerve surgeon):  a surgical specialist with advanced training in complex nerve injuries, who will determine the surgical options and perform the surgery if needed.    They have completed a 5 year surgical residency after medical school followed by several further years of advanced training in nerve repair. 

4. EMG technologist:  will work with the doctors to conduct the nerve conduction studies.

5. Trainees: We are a training centre with UBC Medical School, and are fortunate to have residents and fellows as part of our team. All trainees are closely supervised by the attending physicians in the clinic.

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