Initial Assessment


1. The initial assessment takes approximately one hour and occurs at the Vancouver Hospital EMG lab, on the 8th floor of the Diamond Centre.

2. You will be asked about your injury, symptoms (including pain, numbness, weakness etc.), and impact on day to day activities.

3. Detailed examination of your affected limb(s) will be performed including strength, sensation and range of motion.

4. Electrodiagnostic (“EMG”) study: The first part of the test is a nerve conduction study.  The electrical pulses inform the clinic team on how the nerves going to your muscles are working. The second part of the study is the EMG (electromyography).  A small needle (acupuncture size) is inserted into the muscles that are being tested to assess the health of the nerve supply to that muscle. Although this test can sound scary, it’s usually well tolerated and our team makes every effort to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

EMG Pamphlet

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